Stray Cats ….. at TCOV

On my walk to work I see several stray cats – they live underneath an old building (no longer in use) in the TCOV area where I work.  This building is located near the canteen and I see different people leaving leftovers out for the cats around lunch time (the only time the TCOV canteen is open).  The last two days I walked to work very early in the morning, and therefore there were few people out at the same time.  One of the cats came up to me, thinking that I would give it food.  It was one of the kittens – there are five, look to be about 4 months now – let me touch him (or her).  He followed me a bit, and darted around my legs.  Made me think of our cat – I would enjoy having a pet here but who takes care of it while you are on rotation (even if this was allowed)?  When I get a chance maybe I will take and post some pictures.   Anyway, I enjoy the stray cats – look for them to and from work (shows how desperate I am for entertainment) every day.  Is this interesting Claudia?

Friendly Stray Cat

You can pet me

1 thought on “Stray Cats ….. at TCOV

  1. Not interesting enough! 🙂 Here I’m going to tell you a true story now. On Friday, i went to Francesca’s after school. She’s doing some chicken sitting for her neighbors while they are away, so we were scootering to their house. I was going faster than intended and couldn’t tell if my foot was on the break. So i jumped off the scooter and slid superman on the asphault. I have scratches on my hip, knee, and elbow. The day it happened i was crying for you to come home so you could “kiss my booboos”. Now that’s what I call interesting…painful, but interesting! 🙂

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