Oilman’s Day

Today we celebrated Oilman’s Day at TCO – they had a concert at one of the domes (if I go I will provide a review later).  Oilman’s Day is always the first Sunday in September, at least in Kazakhstan.  Via a google search I learned that this “holiday” was officially established by an order of the Supreme Soviet Presidium in 1980.  After the USSR broke up in 1991 Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukrain continue to celebrate this holiday (per the Kazakh Lead Engineer who works in my group).

There are other holidays here that celebrate the worker.  For Oilman’s Day it appears it is more a celebration of the oil and gas industry that provides lot of jobs and brings in lots of revenue to the Kazakh government, then a celebration of the worker.  But it is still a celebration (but no fireworks as far as I can tell).

2 thoughts on “Oilman’s Day

  1. Missing you today. I enjoyed hearing from you while you were home. Interesting that it is a labor day here and you are celebrating a holiday as well. I am home laboring….. washed windows, touch up painted, cleaning up the garage and all the little things I don’t get done on 2 day week-ends. Love the blog and love you, hope your day is great.

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