How is TCO Facilities Engineering Organized?

Not sure if this is how all Upstream Facilities Engineering organizations are organized, but there are six groups within Facilities Engineering here in Tengiz:

  1. Process Engineering (similar to a Refining Process Engineering group, supports both plant operations and capital projects)
  2. Designs Engineering (similar to Plant Support in a refinery)
  3. Capital Projects – Existing Plant Facilities (EPF) (similar to small capital projects in a refinery)
  4. Capital Projects – Existing Field Facilities (EFF) – this is the group that handles projects in the field, specifically pipeline and injection work
  5. Facilities Construction – builds the projects designed by both Capital Projects groups, EPF and EFF, but not for Designs Engineering.  Maintenance handles all the field execution, both turnaround and on-the-run, for Designs Engineering packages.
  6. Reliability (similar to the Reliability organizations that report through Manintenance in a refinery)