About This Blog

January 2014 Update

Still working the same rotation job; 2-1/2 years and counting.  It’s an excellent assignment, above average pay, and I feel like I make a difference with the young engineers I work with. It is working for both my family and I, so we are going to stay the course until further notice.

Still do not have a firm idea on how I want to use this blog – sometimes I think of this as an online journal but need to self-filter as work people (i.e., Chevron and TCO) read this.  If nothing else it is a place to post our annual Holiday Letter – recently posted the 2013 version (we provide a link to this site in the card we send out).  However, this year the card went out before the  letter was posted – oh well.

This blog is no longer password protected.  Previously I was getting a lot of spam, but my friend Kathy installed a spam filter so it is no longer needed.  I have recently added a link to my online photo albums – easy way to see pics of our children.  Finally, I have updated the blog header with more recent pics.

So if you want to reach me without going through the Contact page of this blog, send a message to marcfredevans@yahoo.com.


December 2011 Update

Greetings.  I am reaching out to people again in an attempt to stay connected and wish everyone a happy holiday season.  We have included a reference to this site in our annual Holiday card and have posted our 2011 Holiday Letter to this blog (see Friends section).

Although I began with best of intentions, I have not used this blog frequently the last few months.  Now that I know what I am doing with my new position I find I put all my energy into work and do not find time for short updates to this blog while in Kazakhstan (plus outside of work the life in Tengiz is pretty boring and therefore not much “interesting” news to share).  While at home I am spending time with the family and working on the “Honey Do” list, and therefore adding content while at home sits at the bottom of my priorities.  Anyway, I have completed three rotations at work and home (almost six months) – getting into the rythym of rotational life – and I am focusing on the positive aspects of this type of work schedule.  I do intend to update this blog over time – so please check back time-to-time.  And let’s keep in touch.


September/October 2011 Intro

Hi. I am using this blog to stay in touch with Family and Friends while I begin an assignment with Chevron in Kazakhstan. I started there on July 1, 2011 – the job is rotational, which means I work in Kazakhstan for 28 days and then am off for 28 days (though I do travel to/from Kazakhstan on my own time).

This blog is currently set-up with four catagories: Family, Friends, Designs Engineering (previously Richmond Refinery) and Kazakhstan (at least initially). My thought is I will catagorize each post into one or more of these catagories, hopefully guiding you to content that you enjoy reading. 10 October Update: the category renamed as “Designs Engineering” is written primarily for those who I used to work with in Richmond, and now in Tengiz. The category titled “Kazakhstan” is primarily about what I have learned / find interesting about the country and culture I am now working in.

Finally, this blog will be a combination diary and a way to connect with those I care about. During my first rotation I sent out a couple emails to my extended family, plus one email to a large group of friends. So instead of periodically sending out an email my hope is this blog will convey the same information, but give you the option of checking in when you feel like it.

Let’s stay in touch.