Precision Cabinets Review

Sharing an exellent experience from design through installation for a kitchen and master bath remodel.  We selected Precision Cabinets based on recommendation from our Architect (K. Price Design) who suggested Precision based on high quality at a fair price.  I have read the other reviews and understand that some people have had difficulty getting follow-up calls or issues quickly resolved.  If you are researching cabinet makers you should understand that Precision’s business model is as a high volume cabinet maker.  If you want someone to hold your hand through out a project with many design development changes or a lot of non-standard details then find a small cabinet shop and be ready to pay the corresponding high price.  If you want high quality cabinets but at a fair price and know what you want, then consider Precision.

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Here are some specifics regarding our experience.

We started working with Precision in October 2014 – our Architect Katie Price developed a solid design for both kitchen and master bath cabinets, and we wanted cabinet estimates to finalize our overall budget.  Our General Contractor (GC), who we hired to develop budget and schedule, obtained two other bids and Precision was very competitive.

We decided to work exclusively with Precision to finalize their cabinet quote, which would be the basis for our overall remodel cost.  Sean Young was our primary contact – he worked closely with us over several weeks regarding various options and how they affect price.  Sean was very patient with both us and our Architect as we covered a lot of details as we knew the cabinets were one of our larger expenses (about 20% of our total budget).  Ultimately we reduced some cabinet scope of work that was not associated with the kitchen or master bath and developed a final budget estimate in mid-November.  This initial experience with Sean Young gave me high confidence in this company – he knew his product and guided us to a cost-effective solution.

As another reviewer pointed out it is essential to go their factory in Brentwood to see their samples and make your selections.  They will also give you a tour of the factory floor – they have an efficient setup with the savings passed on to the consumer.  It was clear that Sean Young was handling several customers simultaneously (needed an appointment / had another appointment after mine) but he set aside the necessary time to explain both the cabinet options as well as the fabrication schedule.  At this initial meeting I learned that typical turnaround from cabinet measure (framing complete) to cabinet delivery would be 6 weeks (more about this later).

About this point in our project we received from our GC the total estimated cost for our project (complete kitchen remodel including structural work under the house plus complete master bath remodel, including replacing windows).  We found the total cost higher than we felt was appropriate for improving our home.  Over the next few weeks we looked at several cost reductions – ultimately we decided to remove some additional cabinet scope, picked less expensive appliances, eliminated work not associated with the kitchen or master bath, AND decided to be our own GC.  One of the reasons we felt comfortable being our own GC is we had spent a lot of time with Precision developing the quote, and they provided a reasonable adder to also install the cabinets.

By the end of the year we had our construction permit and then worked close with Sean Young in January to finalize our cabinet quote – we placed our order with 10% down on 13 Jan 2015.  At this point Precision prepares final Design Drawings – both layout and elevations.  They also provided us with 3D drawings from several perspectives to help us verify all details with our Architect – our job was described on 24 pages.  At this point Sean invited Precision Engineer Gaby Lien to meet with us and Sean to finalize all the exact details and dimensions – we were impressed by Gaby’s professionalism and knowledge of our job – this solidified our confidence in Precision providing quality cabinets.

During this meeting Sean confirmed that the Precision backlog was growing, and that we should plan for six weeks for manufacturing.  To release for manufacturing we need to 1) approve the shop fabrication drawings and 2) have a final measure once all framing was complete.  We finished the framing end of February but due to availability of the Precision Field Rep Vic, and some rework needed on the part of the Framing Subcontractor, we did not get the final measurements completed until the first week of March.  As I already had scheduled other subcontractors to come in right after the cabinet installation (scheduled for Monday 13 April) it appeared we were about to lose at least a week of schedule, and probably more due to conflicts with other Sub-Contractor projects.  Sean checked with the Precision Fabrication manager and they were able to reschedule some other work and advised they could complete our fabrication in 5 weeks – now I am appreciative and happily paid the next 40% to release the cabinets for fabrication.

To shorten the install time Precision suggested they deliver the cabinets on Saturday before the install – a 6 person crew showed up on time and efficiently placed the cabinets inside the home, including lifting up through an outside deck to the Master Bedroom.  Everyone was professional, took excellent care staging the cabinets, and safely navigated the delivery truck up and down our steep winding road.  Another good experience with Precision workers.

On Monday a 5 person install crew arrived and installed most of the cabinets in the Kitchen and Master Bathroom that day; a smaller crew returned on Tuesday to finish the original installation.  It was a interesting experience to observe three different sets of cabinets going in simultaneously – lots of remodel activity that day.  There were a couple issues to work through but we had both the Electrician and Plumber on-site that day and we resolved everything to my satisfaction.  The install crew worked very well with the other craftsmen and was clearly experienced resolving fit-up issues.  By end of day Tuesday the plywood counters were all installed, allowing the counter subcontractor to measure the next day and maintain our remodel schedule.  At this point we paid another 40% for initial install.

Another positive with Precision is they assigned the same installer, John-Paul (JP) Trevisano, to work the details on the second install day as well as all future visits.  JP came back in late May after the counters were in place to install the upper cabinets, and then returned again in mid-June to trim out the cabinets once the hardwood floor was installed.  In all instances JP was efficient, focused on quality, had all necessary tools and materials, and completed the work in a timely manner.  He worked well with the other craftsmen including the painter and the tile installer – it was clear JP has pride in his craft.  One other interesting note I learned is that JP has been in the cabinet business for over 10 years and researched Precision Cabinets before he approached them for a position.  He advised he is very satisfied working for Precision – this reinforced my belief that selecting Precision was an excellent choice.  We paid the final 10% payment after the follow-up installations were complete.

One other person to recognize at Precision is Michelle Jensen, their Customer Service Manager.  I was out of country on business for parts of the remodel and through email and coordination with my wife Michelle helped keep everything on track.  Always pleasant to speak with and helped coordinate some late additions – another positive experience.

Sean, Gaby, Vic, JP and Michelle, and everyone else we met from Precision, were excellent to work with.  Precision Cabinets is a 5 star company in all parts of their business.